About Us


Fine bootmakers

Sabinero is a handmade luxury western boot brand

Sabinero girl using golden boots lifestyle
Sabinero, girl using red velvet boots, mujer utilizando botas rojas

Our Story

Sabinero is a handmade luxury boot brand designed in Texas and manufactured in Leon Mexico.

Sabinero is inspired by our experiences of growing up in a traditional bootmaker family and the will to make something iconic, unique, fashionable and luxurious that will match and improve your best outfits.

Each one of our products are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail by each one of our artisans hands.

Each pair is rigourously inspected at
each stage and at the end of the boot´s manufacturing. Ensuring a product of the highest quality to our customers.

What makes Sabinero Boots Unique?

The collection aims to be influential,
innovative and progressive, reinventing a wholy modern approach to boots in

Our Vision

Under the vision of our CEO Mauricio Kornhauser
the company seeks to position as one of the most desirable
boots in the world.